Why Is Water Leaking in My Car?

Unless you spilled your drink inside your car, any sort of puddle on your car floor means you’ve got a leak on your hands. The first thing you need to check is if the leak is water. It is important you clean up and fix the mess promptly. A wet mat or floor may create odor issues, mold, and mildew and also mess up electrical wiring.


Water leaks in cars can be minor to severe. Below are some common ways that you can get fluid leaks inside your vehicle and how the experts at db Orlando Collision can fix them.

Leaking Windows

You can commonly find rubber seals along your glass surfaces. Over time, these seals can become brittle and lead to leaks. To resolve the problem, you may need to replace the worn seal with a new one to keep the water out.

Leaking Sunroof

The sunroof on certain vehicles has a tray. It contains drain holes in the corners to direct rainwater onto the ground beneath the vehicle. These drain holes may get contaminated or clogged with filth. When this happens, it will block the waterway and lead to leaks inside your car.

Leaking Door

Similar to your glass surfaces, doors also have a rubber seal to keep water out of your car. Due to constant contact of opening and closing your doors time and time again, the seals can wear down and lead water into your car. You can visually inspect the seals to see if they look worn down. At our auto collision shop, we can replace your door seals. You can also repair minor spills using waterproof tape, but a replacement is typically the best option.

Faulty A/C Evaporator

The A/C system is supposed to blow cool air and pull warm air out of the cabin as you drive. When you drive on dirty roads, the evaporator can get clogged. As a result, it leaves the excess condensation with nowhere to go. The moisture can build up and cause water to seep through your cabin floors.


If your automobile is leaking water inside, please bring your car to the professionals at db Orlando Collision right away. We will evaluate your vehicle and fix your water leak in no time.