Why Do Prices for Collision Repair Differ From Shop to Shop?

Whenever you get into a vehicle accident, one of the following steps is to look for collision repair. Friends, family, and colleagues have probably advised you to get multiple quotes. Why is that? You might wonder, "why can't it cost the same at every shop?" 

Below are some areas that can affect your repair estimate:

  • LABOR (Technician knowledge and expertise)
  • PARTS, TOOLS, AND EQUIPMENT (Replacement parts and materials and shop equipment)
  • CONVENIENCE AND AVAILABILITY (Shop location, popularity, and seasonality)


A very important factor that a collision/auto body repair shop uses to assess their estimate is their staff's skills and experience. A person with little experience may work at a slower pace or be done messily at a faster pace. However, shops that invest in quality technicians with education and certifications utilize more skilled labor to restore your car to its previous condition. Therefore, they will charge a higher price for the fix to match the higher quality of service.


Some repair shops use original equipment parts, or OEM parts, which have a higher price tag than aftermarket products. Therefore, if you want the exact same part as your manufacturer's, you'd have to pay more. Furthermore, some service shops may also use updated and specialized tools and equipment more than others, which will ultimately affect the cost of service.


Pick up/drop off services, loaner vehicles, flexible payment, and warranties are all amenities that service shops can vary on providing. However, they are wonderful aspects to look for if you're looking for a convenient process. These added benefits will indeed affect the cost of your repair. Furthermore, some shops are busier at certain times of the year, making their pricing firmer.  


If you're searching for an estimate from our collision repair shop, please do not hesitate to bring your car to db Orlando Collision today!