When Do Most Car Accidents Occur?

The road can be dangerous for drivers, even more so during certain times of the day, week, or year. Wherever you're driving, you need to be aware and conscious of your surroundings. Besides other cars around you, you should be mindful of pedestrians, bikers, wildlife, and weather conditions as they can cause accidents as well. 

We thought we'd share the busiest driving times to drive, where you need to be extra careful.

Time of the Day = Nighttime

There's no question that driving becomes more challenging in the evening and night because of visibility. At night, many drivers have difficulty seeing through the light glare on their windshield. Also, some drivers make the mistake of forgetting to turn their headlights on, increasing their likelihood of an accident.

Day of the Week = Saturday

Although most people may think weekdays are busiest with more traffic during rush hour, Saturday is the day of the week that has the most automotive collisions. It makes sense because most people engage in leisure activities. Additionally, the weekend also sees an increase in intoxicated drivers, meaning a higher chance of incidents.

Time of Year = Summertime

Research has shown that the summer months see the most car collisions and accidents. This may be because more drivers are out on the road. Also, children are out of school, which is when families often go out of town. However, it is important to note that the holidays come in a close second for the busiest driving season. Furthermore, a frequent location that sees automotive accidents is parking lots. 


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