What Is Frame Repair and Do You Need It?

At db Orlando Collision, we understand how devastating auto collisions can be. While some people are fortunate enough with a minor scratch or dent, some aren’t. When you have damage to your car frame, you must restore it quickly. Read on to learn more about frame damage and repairs.

What Can Frame Damage Do to Your Vehicle?

A car frame is like the bones of your vehicle – it supports everything from the car body, engine, suspension, and more. Though not every car accident requires frame repair, recent studies show that frame damage occurs in as many as half of all car accidents on US roadways. 


Fortunately, most forms of frame damage are repairable with the proper skills and equipment. It is important for drivers to get the repairs done as soon as possible. Even the most minor frame damage can affect your vehicle’s drivability and safety. For example, a bent frame can lead to an unbalanced car, causing it to pull left or right. Additionally, it can accelerate tire wear and result in misaligned tires.


If you leave your car frame compromised, it could soon crack or snap off entirely while driving. To prevent harm to yourself and others, you will need to mend the uneven distribution of your vehicle’s weight. 

What is Frame Repair?

Frame repair is a professional process of reconstructing a vehicle’s frame or related part so that the original integrity and dimensions of the car are properly restored. Depending on the severity of the damage, frame repair can differ in price, time, and solution.


Fortunately, you can rely on the auto professionals at db Orlando Collision for excellent car frame repairs. Our auto service shop is equipped to handle both minor and major frame damage. Whether you have a mashed, twisted, sagging, or swaying frame, our team can handle it with ease. We have high-quality replacement parts and heavy-duty machines at our facility to guarantee seamless and accurate repairs. 


Once the frame on your car, SUV, or truck is restored, we can thoroughly inspect other areas of your vehicle for damage that may have occurred from the same accident. We highly recommend coming into a trusted auto repair shop for estimates as soon as possible following a collision. Your safety matters to us.


For quality and trusted frame repairs, please do not hesitate to call our team or visit the automotive team at db Orlando Collision in Orlando, FL today.