What Are the Top 4 Common Causes Of Vehicle Accidents?

Cars have been a part of American culture since the very beginning. Whereas automobiles account for most of our daily transportation today, they are also the cause of thousands of fatalities of car crashes every year. Understanding the most common causes of car crashes is vital in making sure you play your part in not causing one in the first place. Here are the top 4 common causes of automobile accidents in the US.


#1: Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has always been the number one cause of traffic accidents, but it has only worsened due to the creation of the smartphone. Unfortunately, it is no longer uncommon to drive past someone who's driving while scrolling on an app or texting their friends. The hazards associated with distracted driving are that the more you do it and get away with it, the more inclined you are to do it. You may think you can multitask behind the wheel, but calling, texting, eating, reading, and grooming while driving are all very dangerous acts. All of these activities require attention and at least one hand off the steering wheel. It is not worth risking your life when you can simply wait to do the activity!

#2: Driving Under the Influence

There's no doubt that drunk driving is one of the deadliest decisions you can ever make. It's the most prevalent cause of DUI cases, but many terrible incidents have been caused by drug usage too. It would help if you never drove after taking any drug, including prescribed medications that cause tiredness. Instead of operating a vehicle under the influence, there are many other safe alternatives. You can phone a loved one for a ride or take an Uber home. 

#3: Speeding

Speeding is done every day by numerous individuals. Whether it is someone running late for work, rushing to the scene of an emergency, or just doing it for the thrill of it, there are always speedy drivers. Speeding cannot only land you a ticket, but it can lead to car accidents causing death or severe injury. You should never justify a reason to speed. The safest bet is to stay within the legal limits for your and other drivers' safety.

#4: The Rain

You can't always avoid driving in wet weather conditions. Rain is dangerous because it can drastically alter road conditions by reducing tire traction, reducing driver visibility, and disguising large potholes. These can affect your safety and pose dangers for the condition of your car. We recommend exercising extra caution and maintaining low speeds whenever it rains.


Though you can do your best to avoid causing a vehicle accident, you can't control how others drive. Most people are likely to experience some accident at least once in their lives, and it's probably going to be caused by one of the four things we mentioned above. If you've recently been in a vehicle accident and need an estimate for body repairs, please do not hesitate to reach out to db Orlando Collision. Our expert team will have your car looking brand new in no time!