What Are the Pros and Cons of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid polymer chemical sealant that can withstand external threats to your vehicle's exterior paint. Another common term for it is nano-ceramic coating. The ceramic coating chemicals form a layer on top of your vehicle's natural coating and protect it from scratch marks, dents, etc. The ceramic coating is hydrophobic, meaning it also deters water. This solution is applied by hand, usually by a professional, and can be effective for up to several years instead of wax.


Pros of Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection - Everyday driving exposes your car to many airborne contaminants that endanger your car's exterior appearance. The ceramic coating further ensures the original paint is shielded from dirt, debris, or anything that can cause accidental marks, etc.

UV Ray Safety - Parking in the scorching sun can have adverse effects on your vehicle paint. Ceramic coating can tackle those harmful UV rays and preserve your car's natural paint color from fading.  

Make Cleaning Easier - The protective layer will reduce your stress in cleaning your car. Everything will easily slide off!

Glossy Appearance - The coating will give your car a shiny, sparkling appearance that lasts.

Saves Money - Most people compare ceramic coating with traditional wax, but wax wears off more often than most people like. That means every year, and you will need to get waxes multiple times. Those visits can add up, so the ceramic coating is a better investment in the long run.


Cons of Ceramic Coating

As impressive as ceramic coating sounds, it's not one hundred percent full-proof against swirls and scratches. Ceramic coating reduces the adverse effects of these threats but can not guarantee 100% protection. Also, the ceramic coating does not prevent water spots. To remove these challenging imperfections, you need to give your vehicle a thorough hand wash. Lastly, this protective layer does not exempt you from having to wash your car. It would be best to clean it regularly, but you won't have to put in as much elbow grease. These are some considerations to think about before you decide to get this treatment done.


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