What are Collision Repair Services?

If you've been in a vehicle collision and need a body repair, chances are you aren't sure yet of the extent of work you'll need or what collision repair services entail. Let's take a look at some of the most common collision repair services and when they might be needed.

Typical collision and auto body repair services include:

Body Work

In the unfortunate case that you've been in a vehicle collision, give our experts a call for professional body work. The collision mechanics at our shop can remove dents, fill, grind, and sand affected areas, as well as matching paint. Our goal is to restore your vehicle back to its original state to get you back on the road safely.


In the instance of a collision, sometimes the frame of your vehicle can become damaged. The frame is essentially the main structure of a motor vehicle and holsters all other components. Although the frame is made of very strong metal, it can often be damaged during accidents. When the frame is damaged, the other components attached to the frame can also be affected. Our experts can repair your framework and ensure that all other connected components are properly working.

Hard Parts Repair

Hard parts - including cases, drums, hubs, mounts, planetaries, pressure plates, pump assemblies, shafts, sun gears, supports, and valve bodies - can also be damaged during collisions. These hard parts are vital to the integrity of your vehicle and should be inspected after a collision and replaced as needed.


Your vehicle's paint will most likely be affected in the instance of a collision. If your vehicle has paint transfer, scratches, or dents, our experts can match paint to your vehicle and repair the damage.


If your windshield has cracked or shattered, due to collision, rocks, or even debris, it can become difficult for you to have complete vision while driving and should be replaced as soon as possible. Our experts can either repair or replace your windshield, depending on the severity of the damage. If replacement is needed, our experts only use the highest quality of windshields.


In order to ensure your safety on the road after a collision, welding is necessary. Proper welding requires the right equipment and experience to perform. We have the experts and the dealer level equipment to provide professional welding services for vehicles that have been involved in major collisions.

If you're in need of collision repair services, give db Orlando Collision Inc. a call today!