The Dangers of Shopping Cart-Car Collisions

The mall or grocery store parking lot can be extra dangerous for your vehicle during this time of year. It's there where your car is most exposed to possible bumper damage or dents. There are many hazards your vehicle must overcome in the parking lot, and the one most people don't talk about is shopping carts. Whether they are stationary at the return post or on the move, shopping carts are a common cause of body damage. If you're someone who has suffered from this type of collision, there are actions that you can take to ensure you have a stress-free and quick restoration process. 

Step 1 - Take Pictures of the Damage

One of the first things you should do after any vehicle incident is capture pictures of the affected parts. Those photos can come in handy for your estimate at db Orlando Collision Inc.

Step 2 - Assess the Situation

In most circumstances, businesses are generally not liable for accidents that occur with their shopping carts in their parking lot. It's crucial that you take a step back and examine what happened in your situation. 

Step 3 - Address The Damages (No Matter How Minor They Look)

While it may be easy to put off any repairs for minor damage that doesn't seem serious, you could be making a huge mistake. You must take care of the little body damages to prevent them from spreading in the future. 


If a shopping cart has bumped into your vehicle, you should plan to call and set up a repair estimate with a trusted auto repair shop like db Orlando Collision. If you've got chips, dents, or bumps, we can take care of it all.