Scratch And Paint Correction At Home VS At A Body Shop

There is almost nothing better than a new car with fresh, scratch-free paint. But what happens when, after time and a few thousand miles, that paint starts to get damaged? The answer is simple: paint and scratch corrections. To sum up, the procedure, which can be done either at home or at a body shop, consists of several steps that prepare the damaged surface, repair it, and conceal it. But what are the differences between the two - at home and at a body shop? Don't go anywhere because we also have an answer to this. Continue reading and you will find out a couple of things about the two and how to determine which one works best for you.

At Home - DIY

As with almost every vehicle procedure, paint and scratch correction can be done at home. Keep in mind that most DIY projects result in mediocre results or even make the problem worse. To simplify things, we have put together a list of a couple of pros and cons below.


  • Cheaper
  • Can be a fun family activity
  • Good for spending free time


  • Store bought cleaning products can be damaging
  • A lot of work
  • Can damage the paint
  • Takes more time
  • Requires a lot of equipment and products

At A Body Shop - Done By Professionals

Auto body shops offer scratch and paint corrections for a reason. From the materials used to the techniques known by people in the industry, everything matters and contributes to the final result. Because of that, the results are much better and more noticeable, sometimes even surprising. Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Takes less time
  • More convenient
  • Professional products and techniques
  • Results can even increase performance


  • Higher price
  • Looking For An Auto Body Shop?

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