Problems To Watch for if You Own a Subaru


There are lots of positive things to say about a Subaru. It's a car that's safe, practical and comfortable. However, just like any other car, there are certain repairs that Subaru owners commonly have to deal with. To drive the car you love for as long as possible, there are some things you should watch out for.

Air Conditioning O-Rings

When you're driving your car on a hot day and turn on the A/C, only to feel warm air blowing in your face, there's a good chance the o-rings are to blame. Over time, they can get worn down and let the cold air escape. As inconvenient as it may be on a hot day, it's a very minor repair.

Head Gaskets

Engine oil and coolant flow through the head gasket of your Subaru, and an issue with the head gasket, that tends to occur in some Subaru models, results in a leak. If you're paying attention to the levels of oil and coolant, or if you get a whiff of one of those liquids dripping onto the exhaust, take it in for a repair.

If there's fluid leaking into the engine and it goes undetected, it could become an issue of rust, corrosion and failing spark plugs. So pay close attention to how your Subaru is using fluids.

Inner Joint Boots

The inner and outer axle joints of your Subaru have these rubber boots full of grease that lubricate the joints as your wheels move back and forth. The inner boot happens to be near the exhaust, which makes it more prone to wear and tear.

If this happens, you will likely notice the smell of grease burning from the heat of the exhaust. That smell is your cue to take your Subaru to the shop to get that boot replaced. If you don't, you might be looking at a bigger repair in the future.

The Take-Away

While your Subaru isn't perfect, you can happily drive it for years, as long as you pay attention to the signs of a problem and get it checked regularly.

If you need a Subaru repair, bring your car to our auto repair shop today!