How to Repair Deep Scratches on Your Bumper

Whether you got in an accident or had your vehicle keyed, deep scratches may linger and hurt you in the long run. Some minor scratches may be easy to ignore and even left alone, but we don’t recommend it, especially with deep scratches. When your vehicle has been cut, it is best to leave the repair in the hands of professional experts. 


At db Orlando Collision, we repair scratches of all kinds. Our shop is equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment and tools to perfect scratch repairs. Most of the time, scratch repair involves the 5 processes:

  1. PREPPING - This process involves inspecting, evaluating, and cleaning up the affected area. Oftentimes, there is lingering dust and debris when someone brings their damaged car to our shop.
  2. RESHAPING - If there are dents in addition to the scratches, we will need to restore the shape of your bumper back to its pre-accident appearance. 
  3. BODY FILLER - Filling is an integral step of the scratch repair. The use of filler is necessary to restore the deep scratch.
  4. SANDING AND PRIMING - Once the filler has been spread evenly, our techs will need to level the car’s surface and apply the primer.  
  5. PAINTING - Painting is a meticulous process that requires a high-tech computer to perfectly match the paint to your vehicle’s original paint. At db Orlando Collision, we are very careful when it comes to restoring your paint with no patches or discoloration. 

If you are in need of quality and seamless scratch repair in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas, look no further than the experts at db Orlando Collision. Our technicians are professional and certified to make your vehicle look like new again.