How to Photograph Your Car after an Incident/Accident

Car accidents happen in a split second giving you little to no chance to prepare to avoid damage. The entire situation can leave you stressed out and traumatized if not injured. The only way to ensure you get out of an accident in decent shape is to ensure you are prepared with the correct knowledge on what to do in the event of an accident. Here are a few things you should do after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Ensure Everyone's Safety

The first thing is to check if anyone is hurt. If you were not alone in your car, call out and ask if anyone is injured or unconscious from the impact. Call for an ambulance if anyone has sustained injuries because time is essential when saving road accident victims.

Call 911

Call 911 for help and request medical assistance if any is needed. The police will send someone to assess the situation and probably fill out an accident report. In some states, calling the police in a road accident is a legal requirement. If the police cannot come to the scene, you can go to the nearest police station and fill out a report.

Clear the Road

Staying on the road could expose everyone to more danger from oncoming traffic, so moving to the side of the road is important. If your car is blocking the road or situated in a way that is a hazard for other motorists, it is okay to move it out of the way but don't leave the scene of the accident.

Collect Information

For the insurance company, collecting the information of all parties involved in the accident is important and might come in handy when filing claims.

Take Pictures

Documenting the crime scene thoroughly is essential. Take clear pictures of the accident before moving the vehicles. Ensure your pictures are from all angles and clearly show the damage inflicted on either vehicle. After the accident, you should take your car to a trusted collision repair shop.
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