Does It Hurt My Engine To Have It Steam Cleaned?

If you've ever looked under the hood of a car and noticed a great looking engine, you know the feeling one may experience. Seeing a clean and shiny engine compartment can always make the area under the hood look so much better. You're able to see the metal shine, the hoses seem to have a glow, and there's no grease in sight.

Many people always want to have that feeling with they look under the hood at their engine; which leads to steam cleaning. While this is something you hear about more often these days, is it good for your engine to do this?

To steam clean your engine there is heated water that is applied from a hose with high pressure. There are some great advantages to steam cleaning your engine. The look you'll end up with is great, but there's more. This includes:

  • Spotting Potential Trouble: Steam cleaning your engine will help to see any potential issues that may be major. If your engine isn't cleaned you wouldn't know if something has just begun to be an issue or if it has been there for some time. When you have a clean engine, you can spot a problem with ease.
  • Preventing Corrosion: Debris and road salt can cause corrosion on your engine if it accumulates. You never want corrosion to occur on your engine. It can be costly and cause more issues.
  • Combustible Materials Buildup: Leaves or oil may be an extreme fire hazard for your car whether your car is in your garage or if you're driving on the road. Steam cleaning will prevent these things from building up.
  • Longer Life: Steam cleaning can extend the life of your engine by preventing rust and ensuring passageways don't become clogged with debris. It'll also make sure the performance of your car is maintained, giving a longer lifespan to your engine.

When the proper precautions are taken with steam cleaning, and it's done in the proper manner, having your engine steam cleaned doesn't hurt. If you need engine maintenance or repair, give our auto repair shop a call today!