Are you worried about the insurance company cutting corners with your vehicle repair?

Do they really try to use junkyard parts on MY car?

We would all like to believe that all insurance companies and “pre-approved” shops have our best interests in mind, and want to make sure our vehicles are repaired the right way. After all, it’s our safety at risk!

Repair | db Orlando Collision Inc.

The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies, whether yours or the other party, are only interested in paying for the cheapest repair possible, that you will accept. Insurance companies have changed from taking care of the customers, to taking care of their profit margins.

  • The “pre-approved” shops work for the COMPANY, and follow what THEY tell them to do, otherwise they don’t get paid!
  • By going along with it, they almost always repair vehicles with used parts, from vehicles that have already been in an accident.
  • If new parts are used, they are sourced from the cheapest vendors, and do NOT meet your manufacturers standards.
  • By letting them push you into going there, you are signing away a lot of rights that you may not know about.

Choose a Certified Repair Facility that works for You!

Our Customers constantly tell us how lucky they feel to have found us and learned more about the sad practices, and lack of care offered to you by many insurance companies and others in this industry.

We are unbelievably proud to have such a highly trained, caring, and friendly team. We love our customers, and it shows in every, single, detail.

Just a few of the other things customers tell us:

  • How happy they are to have peace of mind, knowing that no matter what, we will do right by them.
  • That our no hassle, zero salesman ship, and easy way we interact with them puts their minds at ease.
  • How nice it is to have everything explained to them in detail, using clear and easy to understand terms.
  • Having someone in their corner who knows what is right, and won’t let corners be cut or unsafe repairs be made.
  • Has the training and certification recognized by numerous manufacturers as a Platinum & Gold Class Collision Repair Facility.
  • How knowing that the car is done RIGHT, and is repair to manufacterer certified quality.

Typical misleading insurer phrases to watch out for:

Keep in mind that insurers’ main business is making money, though they may promise you the world when vying for your policy dollars. It is common for insurers to retain millions in profits annually through limiting or denying pay-out to repairers for certain necessary repair operations and materials. The result: If you aren’t watching, you may receive a repair of lesser quality than the “pre-loss condition” your policy promises. Insurers are increasingly dictating to repair professionals how your vehicle will be repaired, what type of parts will be used, in what time frame repairs will be completed, and at what price.

This cost-containment pressure can result in repair practices that produce unsafe repairs and loss of resale value. Contrary to what you might be told, it is your right to choose the shop that will repair your vehicle.

  • “The shop you chose is not on our preferred list” / “The repairs may take longer.” – At db Orlando Collision Center we don’t cut corners: We will begin repairs at the earliest possible time, and finish them with the least inconvenience to you.
  • “We’ve found the shop you chose to be difficult to work with.” At db Orlando Collision Center we work with your interests foremost in all negotiations.
  • “If you choose that shop you may have to pay the difference in price.” – At db Orlando Collision Center we charge only what the repair materials come to.
  • “One of our approved shops can begin repairing your vehicle immediately.” – Tell your insurer you have already chosen db Orlando Collision Center to perform your repairs, and if the insurer continues to push for another shop, give us a call & let us deal with them for you.

Things to know when dealing with insurance companies:

The insurer paying for your repair may attempt to direct you into a shop with which they have a Direct Repair contract (aka: DRP, COD, PRO, Pre-Approved, Blue Ribbon, etc.).

These partnerships were invented by insurers to save themselves millions, your best interests too often are not met at DRP shops. If an insurance representative attempts to steer or otherwise coerce you into another shop, remember this:

  • By Law, you have the right to choose the repair facility you want to repair your vehicle. It’s your car and you alone will have to live with the repairs.
  • By Law, you need acquire only one estimate, and that one estimate should be from the shop you have chosen to repair your vehicle.
  • Be Firm with the insurer: Insist on the shop you have chosen.
  • Remember that the quality of repair is not the same at every shop: db Orlando Collision has completed several years of consistent top quality repairs.
  • Don’t be fooled by persuasive, misleading word-tracks insurers often use to direct you into one of their DRP shops that give insurers discounted prices, too often compromising the safety and quality of your repairs.