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Let us handle the insurance company

At db Orlando Collision we understand how difficult and confusing insurance companies can be – especially after being in an accident. We want to help you by handling all the communication with the insurance company from the second you drop off your car. Did you know the repair shops your insurance tries to send you to are shops that are bidding over who will do the job for the cheapest? This often translates to a shop with inexperienced mechanics who work for cheap and don’t truly care for their customers or their cars. This is the insurance companies way of maximizing the profit they make off of your accident! Don’t fall for their gimmicks – Tell your insurance you would like to take your car to db Orlando Collision today! We guarantee to provide the best repair possible in the most reasonable amount of time.

Things to know when dealing with insurance companies

The insurer paying for your repair may attempt to direct you into a shop with which they have a Direct Repair contract (aka: DRP, COD, PRO, etc.). Invented by insurers to save themselves millions, your best interests too often are not met at DRP shops. If an insurance representative attempts to steer or otherwise coerce you into another shop, remember this:

  1. By law, you have the right to choose the repair facility you want to repair your vehicle. It’s your car and you alone will have to live with the repairs.
  2. By law, you need acquire only one estimate, and that one estimate should be from the shop you have chosen to repair your vehicle.
  3. Be firm with the insurer: Insist on the shop you have chosen.
  4. Remember that the quality of repair is not the same at every shop: db Orlando Collision has completed several years of consistent top quality repairs.
  5. Don’t be fooled by persuasive, misleading word-tracks insurers often use to direct you into one of their DRP shops that give insurers discounted prices, too often compromising the safety and quality of your repairs.

Typical misleading insurer phrases

  • “The shop you chose is not on our preferred list” / “The repairs may take longer.” At db Orlando Collision Center we don’t cut corners: We will begin repairs at the earliest possible time, and finish them with the least inconvenience to you. “We’ve found the shop you chose to be difficult to work with.” At db Orlando Collision Center we work with your interests foremost in all negotiations.
  • “If you choose that shop you may have to pay the difference in price.” At db Orlando Collision Center we charge only what the repair materials come to.
  • “One of our approved shops can begin repairing your vehicle immediately.”Tell your insurer you have already chosen db Orlando Collision Centerto perform your repairs, and if the insurer continues to push for another shop, give us a call & let us deal with them for you from there.
Keep in mind that insurers’ main business is making money, though they may promise you the world when vying for your policy dollars. It is common for insurers to retain millions in profits annually through limiting or denying pay-out to repairers for certain necessary repair operations and materials. The result: If you aren’t watching, you may receive a repair of lesser quality than the “pre-loss condition” your policy promises. Insurers are increasingly dictating to repair professionals how your vehicle will be repaired, what type of parts will be used, in what time frame repairs will be completed, and at what price. This cost-containment pressure can result in repair practices that produce unsafe repairs and loss of resale value. Contrary to what you might be told, it is your right to choose the shop that will repair your vehicle.

Everything you need after an accident -
and more!

Making your accident as painless as possible is our goal. Here at db Orlando Collision we offer a variety of services to help get you back on the road. Our team of Collisions Repair Specialists will provide you with the best auto body and paint services in Central Florida!

Collision Repair

  • We work on all makes and models of domestic, foreign and European vehicles including hybrids and motorcycles.
  • When the damage to your vehicle is small and no paint has been cracked, paint-less dent removal can save you time and money.
  • I-CAR certification means our welders have achieved a high-level of technical training to ensure safe repairs.

Painting and Refinishing

  • Our computerized base coat/clear coat paint mixing system maintains the highest quality control over color matching your car.
  • On-site glass repair and replacement
  • Glass chipped or broken? We have a preferred provider that specializes in all your glass needs.

The last-minute repairs that can save you thousands

Our lease Turn-in Repair Program is guaranteed to get you the maximum value out of your car! Returning a leased vehicle can be a very stressful situation – washing and waxing may not be enough to convince a dealer to give you all of your money back. Whether you’ve had the car for 6 month or 5 years, there are bound to be some dents and dings. We want to help you by using an official checklist that is used by local dealers to fix anything that may lower the return value of your car.

Complimentary Services

  • Pick-up and delivery if needed
  • Complete vehicle wash and vacuuming with air freshener upon pick-up

Free Estimates

Detailed computerized estimates and professional advice are always available to you and always FREE.

Appointments for estimates are not required. Just come visit us at your convenience, during regular business hours. We’ll do our best to give you a comprehensive estimate quickly and explain all your options. The process usually takes about 15-30 minutes depending on the damage to your vehicle. Our estimators will go over the estimate with you, so you know exactly what needs to be done to your vehicle. You can also try our new Online Estimator Tool for a rough estimate without bringing your vehicle in!

For Your Convenience

  • No appointment needed
  • On-the-spot or online estimates
  • After hours key drop
  • 24/7 towing
  • Complete handling of all insurance company claims
  • Step by step updates on your repair progress

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